Together, we achieve more

A company is indeed comprised of a diverse group of individuals with various backgrounds, expertise, and experiences. This diversity within the workforce brings a range of perspectives, skills, and knowledge that can greatly benefit the company.

Overall, the diversity within a company’s workforce contributes to its success by fostering creativity, enhancing problem-solving capabilities, improving decision-making, and providing a competitive edge in a global marketplace.

Philippe DE ARAUJO

Expert in Cybersecurity

After more than 25 years in cyber security within large groups (Canal+, Thalès, ADP), Philippe created the company CortexEra. He joined the 01innovation collective to help companies secure and perpetuate their activities.

A graduate of ESIEE, he has a strong technical background and experience. He works on national and international projects in the civil and defense sectors.

Independent expert


Expert Organisation and Performance

Former student at ENA (Ecole Nationale d’Administration), Xavier GIVELET was Vice-prefect for 9 years and Magistrate at the Regional chamber of accounts of Lyon. In 2020 he was appointed as deputy director of the National Institute of High studies for Security and Justice, and then he was involved in the creation of the agency for fighting against the manipulation of information on Internet.

He is a specialist of administrative organisation and performance, he has a strong experience about  relationship with public administration and security issues for administration management.

Independent expert

Jean Christophe THOMAS

Expert Cloud and Architect Data/ Big Data

Jean-Christophe has been a Data Expert and SQL Server & Microsoft Azure specialist for over 10 years.

He assists medium and large companies in their complex projects of migration to the cloud as well as in the design and implementation of their data and big data solutions

Independent expert

Dr Peng TAO

Expert AI and Data/ Big Data

Doctor in computer science, he specialises in data science.

Peng excels in data analysis and extracting useful information. Teaching Python, Java, JavaScript and SQL at the University of Aix-Marseille, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with inspiring future computer science enthusiasts.

He supervises ambitious projects for Masters students. he applies machine learning techniques to find innovative solutions to real-life problems. 

Independent expert


Scientific and Expert AI

After 25 years of improving Enterprise Architecture (Design thinking, Lean Startup, Lean Management, TOGAF, …)

and Agility in the organization within Big Techs, Mickaël is developing a startup specialized in Artificial Intelligence

1998s’ Fellow of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon,

he has hard recognized skills  as Telcos, Cybersecurity or AI and Ethics in differents sectors as Bank, Finance, Public Sector and Energy groups

Independent expert


Expert AI and Dr in Mathématics

Prof. Zyed ZALILA, 58 ans, est PDG-Fondateur de la société de R&D Intellitech [intelligent technologies] et son directeur R&D. Ingénieur en mathématiques appliquées et en intelligence artificielle de l’Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), Docteur en mathématiques du flou de l’UTC, Habilité à Diriger des Recherches, Prof. Zalila enseigne depuis 1993 la théorie du flou et ses applications dans cette même université.
Auteur de la théorie des Relations Floues d’ordre N (1993), dès 2002 il propose l’IA FloueAugmentée : elle découvre automatiquement des systèmes décisionnels non-linéaires boîte-blanche, composés de règles SI…ALORS à logiques continues, à partir des données imparfaites du monde réel. Il est l’inventeur de plusieurs systèmes de conduite automatique de véhicules (dès
1990), et l’inventeur concepteur co-développeur de l’IA de Confiance xtractis® de Modélisation PrédictiveRobuste, Intelligible et Auditable, dédié aux processus complexes à haut risque (depuis 2003).

Independent expert

Zaydane SADIKI

Expert Cloud DevOps and SI

Trained as an IT engineer, with a proven track record in managing large-scale international projects, mainly in the banking sector, involving IT architecture issues around the Cloud and Big Data, Zaydane’s 8 years’ experience has enabled him to build up extensive expertise in IT architecture, Move to Cloud projects and the management and operation of various IT infrastructure technologies. Significant experience in various sectors (energy, banking and insurance) has enabled him to develop extensive knowledge of the associated businesses, as well as methodological know-how covering all the phases of an IS project.

His various experiences have enabled him to develop solid managerial skills and the ability to manage complex projects. Zaydane has always backed up his experience with carefully chosen training and certifications to further develop his skills.

Independent expert


Director of IT project purchasing

Specialist in international project purchasing in Aerospace and other high tech industries.

With 10 years of experience in project analysis and follow-up, working in various complex environments with multidisciplinary teams, Hugo has coordinated and implemented international purchasing protocols.

Independent expert


Founder and CEO ITAG USA– Product Advisor – Board of Directors

Daniel has 37 years of experience in the Information Technology and High-Tech industries in which he has occupied mission-critical positions; from project manager to consultant, to Product (marketing) manager and strategic alliances. In the past few years, he has acquired unique expertise in Cybersecurity and Zero Trust strategy. As a Project Manager and Principal Investigator, he has worked with U.S. federal Agencies like DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and DoD (Department of Defense) on critical cybersecurity projects

He is in the Think Thank and Do Thank « Office des Prospectives et des Logiques Adaptatives et Anticipatives »

Independent expert


Founder and CEO ITgium – Hong Kong – Board of Directors

François de CHEVALERIE span over 35 years. Since 2010, he is the CEO of ITgium, headquarters in Hong Kong, on one hand, a trading company (flows of goods between China PRC and México) and, on the other hand, a technological cluster with a special focus on chemistry. Since its creation, ITGIUM brought together a wide range of inventors and researchers involved in various fields as, for instance, decontamination, treatment of hazardous material, sediment valorization, recycling, and energy efficiency. Member of the Charles de Gaulle Foundation (since 2001), board member (2002-2005), from time to time, he expresses his views for newspapers (les Echos, Le Monde, China Daily, Arab News, etc.).

He is in the Think Thank and Do Thank « Office des Prospectives et des Logiques Adaptatives et Anticipatives »

Independent expert

Jean-Michel CORNU

Innovation,  Collaboration and Collective Intelligence

Jean-Michel Cornu has been an international expert in innovation, cooperation and collective intelligence for over 25 years.

He helps facilitators develop large, active and sustainable groups, both in transversal groups within large organizations and in open communities that bring together the actors of a territory.

Independent expert


Expert in Quantum Intelligence for Innovation, Business and our Planet

By freeing the human being and the organization from the restrictive framework of Cartesian thinking, André proposes to create opportunities, prevent risks, make informed decisions that reconcile economy and ecology.

Indeed, among all the alternatives, there is always a perfect solution in Quantum Intelligence.

André has the experience of more than 200 projects in the energy, environmental and social transformation of organizations as a Manager, General Manager, Teacher and Researcher.

Independent expert


Expert in international Middle-East logistics

Firas has developed international expertise in major international initiatives within the UN.

In particular, he has experience in diplomatic relations and logistics in reconstruction projects in the Middle East.

He has also worked as a university professor in the medical field (Physiology)

Independent expert

ALEXSANDAR LE COMTE, International Special Advisor

Training coach for cybersecurity for institutions and industrial groups. Identification of key persons and clients for AI systems implementation. Acquisition of solutions for partnerships with international private groups. Special Financial Digital (NFT) Advisor to the Chairman (Geneva, Switzerland). External Political and Legal Advisor to a European Government. Geopolitical Analyst and Drafter of State Contracts. Responsible for information exchange and official communiqués. Co-founder of the first Telecom trading platform via satellite internet (London Satellite Exchange). Company director of property promotion programmes and transactions for the reconstruction of countries

He is in the Think Thank and Do Thank « Office des Prospectives et des Logiques Adaptatives et Anticipatives »

Independent expert


Expert in international Bank, Financial and Africa

Dr André Fofana has an excellent knowledge of the banking systems of French-speaking West Africa (UMOA, Guinea and Mauritania). He is currently Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee of a subsidiary of a fast-growing African banking group.

For almost ten years, he worked as a consultant for the IMF and, in this capacity as well as for a World Bank project, trained four classes of i

Prior to this, he worked at the Banque Centrale des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (BCEAO), where he came top of his class in the entrance exam held in Paris. He held the positions of Internal Administrative and Financial Controller for Senegal and Director of the Ziguinchor branch. He then served as Head of the Inspection Mission at the WAMU Banking Commission in Abidjan, where he acted as Secretary General on three occasions, before resigning to work as a consultant from his wife’s home country, Germany.

He has also worked for various European cooperation organizations and African banks on general and cybersecuriy

Independent expert


Expert Telecom and  IT infrastructure 

Telecom Project Director for more than 25 years, Pierre created his company with a group of experts TIPSAC Co Ltd, for the support of telecom projects in export, as well as auditing or consulting missions.

He is now working on IoT issues, Big Data use cases, data center management, data storage and archiving, and network cybersecurity.

Independent expert