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Encrypted Intelligent Telephony System


It provides key services with a high level of security by protecting users’ information.

Secure voice communications: end-to-end encryption guarantees the privacy of telephone calls, only the parties involved in the call have access to the information, and even Hadron Systems cannot access it. Security is based on the generation of quantum keys, and guarantees the impossibility of being intercepted.

Secure instant messaging services: end-to-end encryption for group conversations and file transfers. 

Encrypted email: end-to-end encryption ensures that emails are secure and private.

Private cloud data storage services: Stored data is protected by end-to-end encryption on highly secure private servers.

Quantum key generation: Hadron Systems’ network uses quantum key generation to provide an additional layer of security and privacy through an ultra-fast, high-end random number generator capable of generating keys at 4Gb/s speed.

Customised functions according to specific customer needs: Allows to adapt to the individual security requirements of each company.

Designed for:

Business Solutions

Pharmaceutical companies: they can use it to protect their research and development activities, ensure that no data leaks occur and compromise their operations.

Consultancies: can protect their clients’ data and preserve the integrity of their privacy and business by implementing it.

Energy: ensuring an uninterrupted flow of operations by turning all communication channels into an impenetrable fortress.

Lawyers: they can use Hadron Systems to help their cause and ensure confidentiality, integrity, authenticity as well as availability of data between advocate members.

Banking: they can control the security of communication within their institution and ensure that no information ends up in the wrong hands.