RESILIANT ID™ : End 2 End Zero Trust cybersecurity™

RESILIANT ID™ is a authentication and digital identity product. An integral part of RESILIANT ID™ is the patented IdNFT™, a proprietary blockchain-based digital identity that uses advanced facial liveness detection to verify that the individual is a real person.

The next-generation IdNFT™ is an anonymous, unfalsifiable digital version of the user’s identity that shares the same characteristics as a non-fungible token (NFT): security and uniqueness of identity. RESILIANT IdNFT™ enables the right person to access the right applications and services at the right time, for the right reason.

AI IdNFT™ algorithms have passed demographic bias testing and can work almost equally across all races and genders, verifying and protecting user privacy worldwide in 140 languages, over 250 countries and territories, with over 10,500 different identity document templates covered.

IdNFT™ is automatically compliant with privacy regulations, data management standards (RGPD, ISO) and zero-trust architecture models (NIST, CISA, EO 14028) by the nature of the system and its functionality.

RESILIANT ID™ : some use cases

Onboarding of public and corporate users (forgery-proof credentials)

Apply user segmentation to high value assets (ABAC and RBAC)

Migration from Perimeter Security to User and Application

Provide superior security and ease of use for public infrastructures

Remote access to applications

Security/Migration to the Cloud

Secure or replace VPNs

Secure application-to-application access

Security compliance/auditing (access, logging, tracking)

DevOps :Dev in the cloud: Securing application development

Security-ready network/application (Kubernetes-ready)

Securing IoT access Ransomware: (mitigation and recovery)