DeepTech, since 1998 (Inventor of trusted AI)

INTELLITECH is a private French AI R&D company founded in 1998 by Prof. Zyed ZALILA.

XTRACTIS is a robot (or a set of robots) reproducing human inductive reasoning in experimental sciences and producing AI decision systems that are expressed as gradual rules.

Thanks to their theoretical foundations, these decision-making systems are highly predictive while being understandable by humans (among other specificities).

XTRACTIS is helpful for quickly deploying reliable white-box AI systems, particularly suitable for high-risk predictive applications (Health, Finance, Industry, Autonomous Vehicles, Defense, Security, Cybersecurity…).

Xtractis® Trusted Reasoning Artificial Intelligence

To date, Xtractis® is the world’s only Reasoning and Confidence AI for the deployment of high-risk AI applications.

From a set of structured data, Xtractis® is able to automatically discover predictive models/systems: At least as good as those produced by the best black-box AI (random forests, boosted trees, neural networks) and intelligible (rule-based white-box model IF…THEN continuous logic)

Once induced by Xtractis®, audited and validated by the business expert and eventually certified by the regulator, the AI model/system is deployed to perform high frequency predictions and search for optimal solutions.

Multiple predictive  applications, 4 key sectors 



  • Personalized Medicine (metabolic, epigenetic, physiological & anatomopathological analysis),
  • Monitoring, Virtual Screening, Protein Homology,
  • Toxicity, Drug Discovery, Health Insurance


  • Scoring & Risk Analysis, Econometrics, Malicious Activities,
  • Venture Capital, Behavioral Finance, Wealth Management,
  • Real Estate Finance, Strategy, Marketing & CRM,
  • HR & Administration, Legal


  • Product Design & Ergonomics, Sensory Marketing &
  • Engineering, Smart Industry, Quality Control, Maintenance &
  • Diagnosis, Logistics, Risk Analysis, Environment, Geomatics,
  • Optimization, ADAS, Autonomous Vehicles


  • Autonomous Weapon Systems, Autonomous Devices,
  • Command & Control, Malicious Activities Detection,
  • Crime & Surveillance, Cybersecurity