Collective intelligence / Holacracy :  organizational revolution?

Collective intelligence is a process by which a group of individuals gather and share knowledge, data and skills in order to solve problems and innovate.

It is a kind of wisdom and knowledge that develops from a group. When people work together, they form a type of intelligence that simply cannot exist at the individual level.

The rise of new technologies that connect more and more individuals to share knowledge and skills has transformed what can be achieved. Therefore, it provides new levers for collective intelligence towards holacracy.


Doctor in Mathematics and expert in trusted AI

Zyed is CEO and founder of the R&D company Intellitech [intelligent technologies]. Engineer in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence, and doctor in fuzzy mathematics from the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC), he has been teaching fuzzy theory and its applications since 1993.

Author of the theory of N-order Fuzzy Relations (1993), he proposed the Augmented Fuzzy AI in 2002. He is the inventor of automatic vehicle driving systems (since 1990), and the inventor and co-developer of the xtractis® Trusted AI for Robust, Intelligible and Auditable Predictive Modeling, dedicated to high risk complex processes (since 2003).

Jean Christophe THOMAS

Expert Cloud and Data/ Big Data

Jean-Christophe has been a Data Expert and SQL Server & Microsoft Azure specialist for over 10 years.

He assists medium and large companies in their complex projects of migration to the cloud as well as in the design and implementation of their data and big data solutions

Philippe DE ARAUJO

Expert in Cybersecurity

After more than 25 years in cyber security within large groups (Canal+, Thalès, ADP), Philippe created the company CortexEra. He joined the 01innovation collective to help companies secure and perpetuate their activities.

A graduate of ESIEE, he has a strong technical background and experience. He works on national and international projects in the civil and defense sectors.

Jean-Michel CORNU

Innovation,  Collaboration and Collective Intelligence

Jean-Michel Cornu has been an international expert in innovation, cooperation and collective intelligence for over 25 years.

He helps facilitators develop large, active and sustainable groups, both in transversal groups within large organizations and in open communities that bring together the actors of a territory.


Director of IT project purchasing

Specialist in international project purchasing in Aerospace and other high tech industries.

With 10 years of experience in project analysis and follow-up, working in various complex environments with multidisciplinary teams, Hugo has coordinated and implemented international purchasing protocols.


Expert in Quantum Intelligence for Innovation, Business and our Planet

By freeing the human being and the organization from the restrictive framework of Cartesian thinking, André proposes to create opportunities, prevent risks, make informed decisions that reconcile economy and ecology.

Indeed, among all the alternatives, there is always a perfect solution in Quantum Intelligence.

André has the experience of more than 200 projects in the energy, environmental and social transformation of organizations as a Manager, General Manager, Teacher and Researcher.


Expert in international Middle-East logistics dans associate director at Iris Expansion

Firas has developed international expertise in major international initiatives within the UN.

In particular, he has experience in diplomatic relations and logistics in reconstruction projects in the Middle East.

He has also worked as a university professor in the medical field (Physiology)


Expert Telecom and  IT infrastructure 

Telecom Project Director for more than 25 years, Pierre created his company with a group of experts TIPSAC Co Ltd, for the support of telecom projects in export, as well as auditing or consulting missions.

He is now working on IoT issues, Big Data use cases, data center management, data storage and archiving, and network cybersecurity.