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Anticipating tomorrow’s world in the face of the anthropological Digital Revolution

The digital revolution is still in its infancy and the waves of technological innovation are accelerating.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum, big data, Metavers will constitute a new wave of innovation.

These will disrupt current models and reinforce current imbalances, and will question our economic, industrial and digital sovereignty.

The Lab adopts an approach based on collective intelligence and experimentation.

A laboratory for experimentation for organizations and employees

The complexity of a world in deep mutation makes existing reference systems obsolete.

Understanding the transformations and proposing solutions requires the implementation of a new method that involves recreating links and knowledge through collective intelligence.

Only an eco-systemic approach will enable us to grasp the complexity of these issues and propose new courses our action.
The Lab is a laboratory for experimentation, producing ideas and solutions to support the transition to the digital age.

A unique field of experimentation to project knowledge into action for the common good

The Lab operates in the form of experimentation projects on major economic, organizational or democratic issues.

Themes: Industry 2030, Administration 4.0, Territorial social networks, Inclusive enterprise, Democracy and institutions in the Metaverse, Training and virtual reality…

The Lab helps you understand the changes and transform this knowledge into action.

If you share this ambition: to contribute to building tomorrow’s world according to universal values of sharing, efficiency and inclusion, join the Lab.