What is the R&D ?

At 01 Innovation, we’re convinced that learning is all about test and learn. The Lab is the embodiment of one of our fundamental values: curiosity.

That’s why we’ve created a space where we can experiment with uses and technologies, so that we can form strong convictions about tomorrow’s digital trends.

A noble cause with concrete objectives

The Lab’s raison d’être? To enlighten our team and our customers about emerging technological issues and their impact on society (ethical, economic, environmental, etc.).

Its missions? Detect and explore current trends. Improving today’s user experiences and imagining those of tomorrow using Design Thinking (design fiction, projection, brainstorming, creative tools, etc.). Bringing these new experiences to life through technological prototypes. Sharing our knowledge and convictions from these experiments with our ecosystem (customers, partners, start-ups, etc.).

How does it work ?

The Lab welcomes projects (in-house or in partnership) combining new uses and emerging technologies.

Emerging topics

Every 6 months, within the LAB, we carry out initial reflections on emerging themes in order to prioritise them.

We then run design fiction workshops on possible future use cases, with the whole team and sometimes our customers, to understand their impact on our society.

Project identification

We build a system to manage each selected use case. We put together a hybrid design-tech team (call for applications – minimum 2 people).

And we define a MVP that will be the objective of our experimentation.

Project life cycle

The project is paced by iterations associated with precise objectives.

Documentation and articles are produced to anchor and share knowledge.

What does the Lab offer?

The Lab produces a range of content useful to the community


Creative tools designed by our designers to use gamification to make complex concepts easier to grasp (Agile Gardener, Shifter, Design Fiction, User Jumanji).


Experiments such as HAL-1 (our virtual assistant) to understand the relationship between people and machines in terms of both uses (emotions, automation, etc.) and technologies.


« Knowledge is about sharing ». We are organising acculturation sessions within the Collective to pass on our experienced knowledge and help the group to grow in a fun and educational way.


Articles and sagas (such as the Surirobot/HAL-1 Saga) to share our convictions more widely.