Curiosity, Passion and Vision

We, the founders, are passionate about cutting-edge technologies. We have one quality in common: curiosity. We’re constantly looking for new ideas, new technologies and new ways of integrating them into our platform.

But we don’t just dream. We have a clear vision for the future of our businesses, and we work tirelessly to make it a reality. We’re entrepreneurs at heart, always on the lookout for new opportunities to drive our ecosystem forward.

Gilles FIORE
Chairman – Founder  and  Associate 

Gilles has more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in business strategy and digital marketing consulting.

He has led technological innovation projects (development of concrete solutions, project management) in the fields of artificial intelligence and trusted cybersecurity.

He is in the Think Thank and Do Thank “Association Coopération Moyen Orient France”(Middle East Cooperation Association France)

Programs Director – Co-Founder and Associate

Emmanuel has over 35 years of experience in entrepreneurship.

He started his career in the IT world. He managed businesses and led IT projects (hardware and software) at IBM.

At the turn of the century, he developed an expertise in innovation and digital transformation (Natural language processing, Legal-tech, Edu-tech …).

Honorary Member



(Biography wiki)

Louis Pouzin is a French engineer and computer science pioneer.

He invented the datagram and contributed to the development of packet-switched networks, precursors of the Internet.

His work was one of the bases widely used by Vint Cerf (current vice president of Google) for the development of the Internet and the TCP/IP protocol.



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RINA (Recursive Inter  Network Architecture) pour les nuls :

Pour l’Internet de nouvelle génération.