Beyond technology,

Succeeding in your intelligent and secure digital transformation

01 Innovation Technologies supports organizations and employees through artificial intelligence and trusted, high-critical cybersecurity

01 Innovation Technologies is a digital transformation consultancy supported by a collective of multidisciplinary and complementary profiles in the fields of artificial intelligence and trusted cybersecurity.

It assists its clients in the development of their business or IT transformation strategies, in the management of their projects and in the adaptation of an operational model to scale up.

Navigating complexity. Digital transformation requires both intellectual rigor and multidisciplinarity.

01 Innovation brings together profiles and experiences that embrace this complexity in its organization.

Data with Big Data is at the heart of value creation thanks to trusted artificial intelligence that induces new knowledge and high added value.

Data, Big data, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity…. 01 Innovation helps you align resources and strategic objectives.

Innovating is a critical process. It requires a lot of creative effort from employees, but also innovative forms of organization.

01 Innovation develops a lab activity to explore the new opportunities of the digital revolution.

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