The Collective

Nicolas MILLE
Ecosystem shaper

    Consultant specialized in the management of partnership environments, as well as in the management of external resources. After a technical training in the Water sector, a 20 year career in companies, then as an independent consultant, Nicolas launched in 2013 an activity of Ecosystem Shaper that he is developing to create, in 2018, 1001 Clef whose objective is to build around a subject, a project or a structure, a community of actors that can be mobilized to accelerate a project, catalyze opportunities or develop synergies. As an Ecosystem Shaper, it intervenes on all missions requiring the search for a singular solution, the implementation of external resources, the construction of communities or the animation of business partnerships. As a hybrid expert at the frontier of marketing, innovation, NICT and business ecosystems, he is able to deploy his know-how in terms of business development, operational marketing and project management in a multitude of sectors of activity:
    • Startups / Innovation / NTIC
    • Industrial equipment (Electromechanics)
    • water / sanitation / environment
    • fundraising / alternative financing
    The faculties of anticipation, listening and analysis, combined with the strength of Nicolas Mille's proposals, allow him to bring a multiplication of the "Operational Time" and/or "Commercial Time", a great flexibility in the management of its operating resources and an accessibility to specific, expert and efficient know-how, with the objective of a fast result while keeping a long-term strategic orientation French circles at the Medef in 1997.

Telecommunication/Network Engineer

International Telecom Project Director for more than 25 years, he created his company with a group of experts and managers TIPSAC Co Ltd, for the support of telecom projects for export, as well as audit and consulting missions. He has extensive experience and expertise in managing large international technical telecom projects, with real qualities in :

  • Leadership, organization and management of contracts as well as crisis management ;
  • Negotiation and communication ;
  • organization and planning; risk management and finance; industrial methods and processes.
Its expertise also extends to Infrastructure of fixed or mobile networks (Energy, Passively Cooled Shelters, Towers, Buildings, Civil Engineering, Site Security). On a purely technical level, we can rely on its extensive knowledge of Fiber Optic Network Architectures XDSL, GPON/FTTx, SDH/DWDM, IP SIP or H.248, NGN Core or Fixed IMS. The same applies to 2G/3G/LTE Mobile Network Architecture, RNP & RNO, m-RNC, backhaul network (IP or TDM). Radiocommunication or FH. It will be able to support you on the problems of Network Supervision, OSS architecture, NOC, Server Virtualization, Cloud, Data Center. He recently came back with full feet in the problems of the IoT world, the use cases of Big Data, Data center, storage and archiving of data, and Cybersecurity of Networks.

CyberSecurity Engineer

After more than 25 years in cyber security within the largest groups (Canal+, Thales, ADP), I created the company CortexEra in 2019.
CoretexEra joined the collective 01innovation composed of the best services combined to accompany companies in the implementation, securing and perpetuation of their activities.

Graduated from ESIEE (formerly Breguet school, since 1904), I have solid technical knowledge, certifications such as (CISSP, ISO27001, CFE-Fraud, ITIL, ...) and a great experience in large-scale projects acquired in contexts as different (company size, defense/civil sector...) as multiple (national, international).