The digital transformation

The industrial cycle of the second industrial revolution of electricity in 1880 is definitively closed. The new cycle of the third industrial revolution opened in 1980. Founded on computers and then on the Internet, the industry is driven by standardized and computerized processes. This contemporary economic model imposes the passage from the era of the workforce to the era of the brain of work, a collaborative mesh network. Individuals have a power of creation, communication and coordination. They form the multitude: a connected, connected and mobile creative community. The digital revolution has taken place. Its main principles and technological base are in place. We have to learn how to move within it. Why, forty years after 1980, is it still so difficult for governments, businesses and other institutions to understand and internalize this new situation? Not taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the transformation is a waste; not anticipating its threats is a risk.

Interview with Christophe DUBOIS-DAMIEN (July 2018)

Presentation of our President and Founder around economic intelligence and artificial intelligence.